Words of encouragement

We all need somebody who can hold the light, the steadiness, the words of wisdom, when we are struggling, a bit down, a little off. We might have some tools, but you cannot beat someone in real life who somehow lifts you with their spirit. That’s why we are here, to be there for one another.

And imagine… if you can create more harmony, balance and togetherness in your own life, think how this will impact the lives of those around you, just by you being you!

I create a supportive, flexible, warm-hearted haven, within which you have the chance to pause, reflect…well, as I said, it’s all about you and your needs, so why don’t you fill in the blanks according to what it is you feel you need right now?

The following is attributed to Ram Dass, spiritual leader, who wisely said,

“we are all just walking each other home…”

For an idea of what your experience could look like, I have provided a few examples here: Restore Full Day and Restore Half Day. For more insight on what the optional activities are, and their benefits, have a look at What’s that then? Your experience will be tailor made based on our pre-visit Zoom conversation and your Insight Form but if you see something you already like that’s ok too. Or you might choose a one-theme focus e.g. Yoga or Nature. Always your choice, guided by me.

Restore Weekends are available, but act as a follow on from a half day and day – unless at the time of booking you know you are ready for the whole weekend experience and want to chat about that during our Zoom call, see Next Step.

You have the option to maximise the benefits of a half day or day and stay the night before and/or after at a local B&B, hotel or spa hotel and I can help with your booking, just ask. There is a variety of great accommodation only a few miles away to meet all budgetary requirements.

Next Step

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

It would be my joy and privilege to spend time with you. We start with a 30 minute chat via Zoom, or on the phone depending on your preference. You might then choose to take some time to think about it. If however you are immediately ready to jump into action, you can fill in the Insight Form, or if too daunting we can chat it through instead. This will give me the information I need to create a beautiful, bespoke, half day, day or weekend for your highest benefit. Everything is flexible and changeable at whim; it is the needs of the moment that we will be responding to.

Please feel able to call and explore the opportunities with no strings attached, I am not going to do a hard sell on you!

Note, I am neither a professional coach or counsellor. I support your unfolding potential, perhaps a paradigm shift in the way you see yourself and the world, via the gentle activities and tools you have read about on this website, along with an empathetic listening ear and a large dose of intuition and inner knowing.

To take action and move yourself forward, I invite you to take the step and Contact Me now.

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