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If you have eyesight or language challenges or anything that makes filling out this form impossible or stressful to you, please ring me and we can chat it through instead.

This Insight Form is as much for you as it is for me. It is for you to consider where you are at mentally, emotionally and physically; perhaps your hopes and desires. Insight for me, to help guide my plans for our time together.

Remember there are no right answers, only honest answers. Some are quick response, a few require a bit more thought. Go with your gut response. If you find yourself over-analysing or writing what you think you should, then pause, breathe and then jot down the first thing that comes to you.

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e.g. – I am outgoing, a people person, but I love my own company, time alone is really essential to recharge and reflect. I am a deep thinker, very in touch with the inner me and I love a meaningful conversation with anyone, all opinions and world views welcome. Heart on sleeve most of the time. I love to laugh and not take myself too seriously. I am spontaneous. I am authentic and direct. I love my life, particularly the bits of it I spend outside in nature.
We are continually evolving, we are wondrous works in progress and if you’ve changed on a few things by the time we meet, no problem, it can all be chatted through over a cuppa.
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