Laughter as therapeutic exercise! Movement and breathing exercises that promote laughter. Adopting a playful attitude, lightening up, smiling, giggling, snorting (yep) – you would be amazed how it can create a shift in us. Perhaps change us to live more playfully, less seriously and therefore less tense. We live in a highly left-brained world. Exploring the right side is where the creative, holistic side of us is waiting to be accessed and invited out to play!

Benefits: laughter has been shown to have beneficial effects on aspects of our biochemistry, reducing stress hormones, bringing pain relief, boosting communication, enhancing positive thinking and creativity, increased energy and wellbeing.

Quote from the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria: ‘The more you laugh for no reason, the more life will give you reasons to laugh’. Dr Kataria gets two quotes! ‘When you laugh you change, when you change, the whole world changes’.